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Dibs App - Management and Check In

Much like the teams app has impacted teams with better communication and more timely game scores... A dibs app would impact everyone in the volunteer chain to include: Volunter, Event/Site Coordinator, Overall Volunteer Coordinator, Registration Team, and the Board.

One huge challenge (think of any off site event), is checking in the folks who are volunteering, confirming their completion, and giving the credit within Dibs.

More often than not, the volunteer appears at the site (event, snack shack, canteen, etc.) and signs onto a list with some information to tie it back to the Dibs item that they signed up for. The manual lists are gathered by one or more people, and usually one person combs over these sign in sheets to give dibs credits.

Not only is this extremely inefficient, there are many times when credit is missed, or miss applied.

The other situation that goes along with this is 'walk-ins'. Where there are not enough people working the snack shack / canteen or event and someone volunteers and wants to get Dibs credit. Again, a manual process to sign them in, recognize it as a 'walk-in', and manually give Dibs credit.

Here is my proposal - A Dibs App:

There are two roles in the app (all other roles are in Dibs on the computer or tablet):

- Dibs Volunteer (who checks in and gets credit)

- Site/Event Coordinator (who handles the check in and confirms volunteer completed duties)

Dibs Volunteer

Using the Dibs app, the user would be able to sign up for dibs items and have them stored within the app. The dibs app would have functions similar to the team app where a list of dibs events can be viewed, their current status, and totals for the dibs session.

Calendar functions with alerts and notifications as well to serve as reminders or alert the user if the session changed or was cancelled.

For Check-In (the main situation to solve for), the user would be able to arrive at the site or event, select that claimed Dibs session, and (like airport check-in), produce a QCode that can be read by the person checking in.

Dibs / Site / Event Coordinator

With a mobile device (a phone), the coordinator would have access to a site or event, and pull up the list of users who had signed up for the event. They would have access to the email and cell phone numbers (if provided) so that they could send a reminder email and/or text alert to the users before the event (for example reminding them what to bring), or if the user did not show up.

At the event the coordinator would 'Check-In' volunteers as the showed up by reading the QCode that the user had on their Dibs app. This would check the volunteer in, and assign a time stamp to the check to be used when finalizing credit.

Any 'walk-ins' could be manually checked in by storing user names, emails, or other information, and storing these as 'orphan' check-ins.

At the end of the event (or day in the snack shack/canteen), the coordinator would go through the check in list and confirm (place a check mark?) each of the volunteers checked in - including the orphans.

I don't believe a 'check out' process is necessary in phase one, but I could see how that might work.

Dibs / Volunteer Coordinator

All that remains is for the Dibs Coordinator to verify the Dibs sessions and give final credit which will alert the user that credit has been given.


The team based app is great, and this proposal is an extension of that good work. I've been working with baseball leagues, soccer leagues, and many others since 1979, and this is one of the big information management issues for any league. Dibs is fantastic, and by extending the functionality of the team app to a Dibs app, SportsEngine would have knocked off a key process and... Created a solution that no one else (i.e. TeamSnap, and other league management tools) will have tackled.

Much of the code base is already present, and the check in technology and processes are already mature with Airlines, sporting events, movies, and more already using it for phones and smart watches.

I would also propose that the Dibs app first be released as a companion app rather than an extension of the team app. Though there is likely may be a lot of shared functions and codes between the two (events, calendars, reminders). There is enough difference that the first release could be separate and then merged into the single SE app at a later date.

  • Carl Rendell
  • Sep 29 2016
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  • Catherine Brumm commented
    13 Oct, 2019 12:48am

    I too would like to see dibs access on the app if you are going to list Dibs on the schedule on the app then people should be able to at least claim it from the app and admin can use app to mark it completed.

  • Maya Nelson commented
    4 Oct, 2016 08:59pm

    I would like it all to be in the same app.  Less confusing that way.  But I do like the chance to add it the day of, and have it confirmed.  

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