When entering DIB items, let the date/time/location/etc be set in the session details

If you don't use the template and upload your items, you have to enter so much repeat information for each item you add to your session. Why not set these in the session so the date/time/location/category and everything else is set so all you have to do is add each item needed. I'm trying to setup a potluck brunch so all settings are the same, the only thing that changes are the items: 3 dozen bagels, 6 things of cream cheese, etc. But it'll take forever to enter in DIBS and I'm having trouble uploading the template. Using an excel spreadsheet and then importing back into SE is very weak and unprofessional. It's a workaround at best, NOT a feature.

  • Julie Donohue
  • Aug 20 2016
Frequency Weekly
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