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It would be nice to have a resource type scheduling system that you could use to schedule resources.  For our club, we have a 16 ball diamonds that we schedule.  We used to manually have the coaches phone/email the diamond manager and the manager would find a free diamond and schedule it manually in a spreadsheet.  It became a lot of work.  About 6 years ago, I ended up writing a web app to automate this for us.  So the coaches can load the web page up and click on a free diamond on the calendar and request a timeslot.  An email is sent to the Diamond Manager, who then logs onto the site and can approve/deny/reschedule the timeslot request.  The coach is then sent a confirmation email of the confirmed booking.  The calendar is also updated to indicate the booking.  Players/Parents also use this feature as they can see what diamond they may be playing/practicing on. 

I also have another web app that would indicate the status of the resources as well.  Since our diamonds are outside, often we have to close them because they are too wet to play on.  So the diamond manager would also indicate the daily status of each diamond.  Once again, players, coaches and parent would look at this status to see if they would have to cancel games/practices.  The diamond manager no longer had to phone every coach to let them know

I also had a third site that was used for volunteering.  Since we moved our club to use sportngin, we no longer required the volunteering abilities since it was replaced by dibs.

I could give a tour of the site (it is just using iframes in the sportngin site).  I just don't want to maintain it anymore since this is my last year my daughter is playing ball.

  • Patrick Bernardin
  • Aug 19 2016
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