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Dibs on mobile app

As a team manager or volunteer manager, I want to see who's signed up to do what on game day from my mobile phone. 

As a volunteer, I want to be able to sign up for a dibs session or view my obligations from the SportNgin mobile app. 

  • Matt Murphy
  • Jul 18 2016
Frequency Weekly
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Not Sport Specific
Organization type Team
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  • Catherine Brumm commented
    9 May, 2019 01:33pm

    I don't think Dibs needs it's own app but I think if the Dibs items can show up on the schedule on the app they should at least be able to show if the item has been claimed on the app and a link to claim the Dibs from the dib item on the app schedule.

  • Bruce Royer commented
    18 Oct, 2018 09:26pm

    There isn't even a published API for DIBS on the site. This makes it unlikely that a mobile app will be developed anytime soon.  It seems this feature is not seeing a lot of attention at this time.

  • Larch McWatters commented
    1 Oct, 2018 08:58pm

    This is my first time setting up dibs and i was surprised the functionality is not there to connect to the mobile app.    That seems like a basic functionality.   Please configure this!

  • Guest commented
    7 Jan, 2018 12:21am

    This seems to me to be a no brainer!!  This functionality would take Dibs to another level.  

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