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The texting alert is an amazing addition and welcomed, but I am unclear of the people who are "in the loop"   We have worked hard getting NGIN users to add additional people to their account to make sure any registration information about the season they registered for is also delivered to stake holders and authorized adults caring for that child.  It is very complex.   Our biggest challenge is older players 16 and older as they never check email or social media.

When I update my subscription settings for my NGIN account and the soccer club I am following, I am only given one cell phone option, yet I can add many email accounts.   How do we add the many people, especially key adults and older players cell phones so they get everything via text.   This isn't clearly defined from what I found and the video doesn't educate users how to tweak their NGIN account.

  • Greg Elstad
  • Sep 2 2015
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  • Mar 20, 2018

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    Check out the new guardian feature which allows multiple parents/guardians be able to participate in team activities for their child including chat, messaging, RSVP and scheduling. You can learn more about it here.

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