Integrate Dibs with the Registration system

Currently the Dibs feature and the Registrations are separate entities.  Because these two features are separated we are unable to:

  1. Run reports to determine who out of those registered for the season have Claimed a DIBs session
  2. Unable to filter the registrations to create a Survey Element on our website for our volunteer coordinator to either export CSV or see who has Dibbed and fulfilled their duty
  3. The cross reference process will be done manually and will not be automatically updated, so continued exports will need to be arranged

Basically my volunteer coordinator is trying to get ready for the season and has asked if there is a way that she can find out, of all those registered, who has and has not claimed a Dibs session. And of those who have claimed, who hasn’t completed their Dibs.

Currently this is not possible and we will need to export the DIB sessions to Excel, export our Registration details and then cross reference this manually.  We will also have to repeat this process constantly throughout the session.

Linking these two systems together (given that they are databases) and having the ability to then filter and create Web Page elements that will dynamically update when Volunteers have claimed and fulfilled would be a life saver!

This would apply to any sport using the DIBs system.

Thanks for your time,



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  • Mar 13 2019
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