Private Layout Containers/Elements/Files Within Private and Public Pages

This idea occured to us when trying to find a simple way - without having to create a whole new webpage - where we could store private/sensitive information for just a few people. And this private content many relate to the information already on a page, but not all eyes should see.

Having worked with TeamSnap in the past they have a feature where you can lock files/photos/media from view by use of a simple password. Even though everyone is able to see that the file is there, it is displayed with a lock in front of it and one is prompted with a password space when you click on it. Don't know the password, then you can't get in.

This feature would be helpful on SE where a whole new webpage is not warranted and yet some private info can be stored safely on a public and/or private webpage for those who can access it. If we could have some containers and/or PDF files be made password or permission private on a webpage then that would awesome!

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  • Jul 15 2020
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